18 Year Old Spanish Devil – Adelaida

I have to tell you many details of this scene that I have compiled for my mythical GOLD SERIES, it is about Adelaida, a girl who had a hard time convincing me to record this video, which in the end was the only one I could get of her. .. but let’s get to the point! Apparently, the girl was fantasizing about filming a porn scene, she had discussed it with her circle of friends and I found out, I talked to her but we had the problem that her parents could recognize her. But at that time the issue of the internet was not like it is now, there was hardly any information and almost no one used social networks. So after a couple of coffees and a few laughs, we went to my house, and on the way we talked about everything we were going to do, what positions were her favorites, how she wanted to reach orgasm and how I could help her. When I got home, I left her a red wig so she could “camouflage” herself in front of the camera….and we finally started recording! This girl’s GREAT BODY is amazing, perfect tits, a freshly shaved pussy that smelled wonderful! We had a spectacular fuck, even though she was tremendously nervous, normal because she was extremely shy and shy, which made me hornier and hornier! Press play and enjoy this legendary scene that will remain forever in our memory!