A Few Days After Being A Mother – Nona Embarazada

Great scene! A few days before becoming a mother, I received a call from Nona, she was practically about to give birth and she told me: “Torbe, I want to say goodbye to the pregnancy in a big way” and so we did! This girl gives me tremendous morbidity, she is gorgeous, friendly and very fun, as soon as she started taking off her clothes I became horny and lost looking at those swollen pieces of tits, they are huge! and with nipples totally hard as rocks, a perfectly lubricated pussy, with extra vaginal fluid… putting my cock in there has been a real delight! At all times we have been very careful, because being pregnant for so many months you have to be extremely delicate, but we have been able to enjoy and fuck like pigs, fully enjoying one of those scenes that you like so much and that you look for like crazy! So nothing, get comfortable and enjoy a wonderful experience that many of you have as a sexual fantasy, but that very few of us can make come true.