Are You Trying To Seduce Me – Charli Phoenix

We all know the iconic scene in the 1967 film The Graduate. Well, with Mylfwood, we always aim to bring out the eroticism of beloved films. In this scene, things play out a little differently than in the original film. The stunning Mrs. Robinson (Charli Phoenix) is the kind of milf you can’t resist, and that means Benjamin (Lucky Fate) is going to have a much harder time getting out of the house without first giving a dick down. She isn’t wearing any panties when she shows off her legs this time around. Things get even steamier when Benjamin helps Mrs. Robinson unzip her dress. She turns around and kisses Benjamin on the mouth, letting him know she is, in fact, trying to seduce him. Mrs. Robinson shows Benjamin how a real woman sucks cock, fitting his shaft down her throat with no problem. Benjamin fucks the smoking hot milf hard until he shoots his load all over her ass.