Bad Bella vs Jason Michaels – EvolvedFights

Today we are blessed with a new bombshell sex fighter, Miss Bad Bella. She doesn’t have a lot of wrestling experience but what she lacks in fight skill, she makes up for with fucking skill. Jason Michaels discovers today, how important the sexual tactics are in our rule set. Bella is able to get ahold of Jason’s dick and once she gets her mouth on his dick, Jason is all hers. He is able to run circles around her with his wrestling experience but each round, Bella is able to neutralize the score with her sexual seduction. This fight ends up going to a tie breaker round. The first to cum is the loser and will get fucked by the winner the way the winner wants. The loser tries to hold out from cumming but the 3 rounds of intense foreplay and teasing has built up too much for one of these sexual gladiators. The winner fucks the loser nice and hard. This prize round ends in a creampie.