Carmen Valentina vs Nathan Bronson – EvolvedFights

Carmen Valentina is sick of the smug, Nathan Bronson, boasting about being undefeated. Carmen is not impressed by any man who brags about beating untrained girls in a sex fight so Carmen is sure she will destroy Nathan sexually and bring his ego down a peg. But Nathan is more obnoxious than ever. He’s on a winning streak and he’s not worried about Carmen at all. This match quickly turns into who can be more of a punk. Both sex athletes try to out smack talk each other and their mouths need to get backed up with action. Carmen will need to make Nathan cum in round 3 to solidify her victory, Neither like the score to go to the judges. Carmen gets to fuck on top today. Nathan lays back and takes what she dishes out. This ends with a creampie victory for the winner.