Case No. 7906297: Sex Merch – Coco Lovelock

Teen girl Coco Lovelock is Joshua Lewis’ #1 fan. She really LOVES the influencer and is always after his latest news and merch. Recently, She learned that he got his dick molded and is selling it in stores as dildos. Sadly, she’s a broke high school student and can’t afford to buy it… but, maybe she can afford to steal it? Testing her luck, Coc gets caught by Officer Mancini, who quickly discovers the stolen sex toy. The horny officer strips the girl naked and fingers her pussy with the excuse of searching for more stolen goods. Though nothing else comes up, he does have enough evidence to commit her, so he offers her a way out: maybe she can put on a show with the dildo. Coco accepts and starts playing with it with Mike’s help. Suddenly, the officer switches the sex toy with his own cock to fuck the little girl’s pussy. Coco accepts her fate as she knows she is in big trouble otherwise.