Concept: Wrestling Milfs – Liv Revamped & Sophia Locke

What’s up, all you Mylf lovers out there? We’ve got you covered with this exciting Labs update, so let’s get experimental and jump into the mix. This concept is easy to understand – we’re showcasing some wonderfully hot wrestling milfs. These hotties have killer bods and want to send each other into submission. They’ll do everything they can to come out victorious, which means chokeholds, body slams, and all sorts of contortionism. In this episode, Liv and Sophia are long-time rivals ready to do whatever it takes to win it all. The bodacious babes enter the ring, and it’s a dirty fight from the start. The ref, Victor, gets in on the battle and whips his cock out. The ladies use Victor to their advantage, using his cock to fuck their opponent at any given opportunity. All Victor knows is he gets to fuck two stunning milfs and fill up their pussies during their brawl. There is no mercy in this match, and it’s an all-out, raw, hardcore fight to the finish.