It Started Out With A Kiss – Braylin Bailey, Vivianne DeSilva & Slimthick Vic

Slimthick is concerned when she walks in on her husband, Ryan, kissing their stepdaughter, Braylin. The situation calls for the group to go to Perv Therapy, where they meet Vivianne. The Perv Therapist thinks she can help the stepfamily reconcile the situation and wants to get to the bottom of where the kiss came from. Vivianne believes there could be more to the relationship between Ryan and Braylin and wants the two to explore their intimacy with each other. Slimthick watches and joins in on the session, and now she’ll have her turn to explore intimacy with her stepdaughter. Things escalate quickly, and what started as a kiss blows up into a full-on fuck sesh. Ryan has his work cut out for him, as now he has three women he’ll need to pleasure. He needs to make sure he doesn’t cum too quickly and has enough stamina for all the babes in the room. Luckily for him, the girls take care of each other, too. Slimthick eats her stepdaughter’s pussy and shows her how fun girl-on-girl action can be. By the end of their session, the stepfamily is feeling much better and knows how to handle intimacy the next time around.