Kelly’s Hot Desire Episode 1 – Helina Dream & Kelly Collins

Cute brunette Helina Dream strips down to her bikini and floats on an inflatable in the pool, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series “Kelly’s Hot Desire” begins. When sexy blonde Kelly Collins returns home and spots her indolent girlfriend, she peels off her clothes and steps under the outdoor shower to cool off. Helina follows her to the cabana and kisses her passionately, caresses her perfect breasts and then kneels to eat her pussy, making her gasp with arousal. Kelly rocks her hips, grinding on Helina’s tongue, then sits with her slender thighs spread wide and savors the blissful sensations as Helina licks her to a powerful orgasm. Now Helina sits on Kelly’s lap, getting fingered until she’s quivering with need. She perches up on the hot tub and Kelly licks her shaved pussy voraciously, giving her an intense climax. They only realise they’re not alone when they hear Molly Devon jump into the pool, prompting Helina to grab her bikini and scurry away.