Message – Ariela

Gorgeous Ariela is sitting on the park steps, sexting her lover, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Message” begins. Ricky is so engrossed in replying that he doesn’t notice the sexy blonde tiptoeing into their apartment until she surprises him with a photo. He greets her with a passionate kiss, baring her beautiful breasts and fondling them appreciatively. Ariela unzips Ricky’s jeans and wraps her lips around his rigid cock, gazing up at him as she sucks and strokes the thick shaft. Carrying her to the sofa, he eats her pussy skilfully before penetrating her in missionary, thrusting slowly to drive her wild. The lovers hurry to the bedroom, where they fuck harder and faster, Ariela’s legs over Ricky’s shoulders so he can plunge deep with every stroke. They switch to cowgirl, Ariela’s breasts bouncing alluringly as she rides to a powerful orgasm and Ricky fills her with hot cum that pours out as they kiss breathlessly.