Sharing is caring – Bonnie Dolce & Lola Heart

Two best friends Bonnie Dolce and Lola Heart are preparing for exams. Lola is so engrossed in her reading that she doesn’t notice when Bonnie leaving the room. She also doesn’t notice when Bonnie’s boyfriend enters the room and watches her. He sees that that Lola is without panties today, and her sexy ass, visible from under the skirt, instantly excites him. He takes out his dick and starts jerking it. But soon Lola catches him peeping, and instead of asking him to explain the situation, she suggests that he needs some help with his boner and decides to suck his big cock. Bonnie returns to the room at the most inopportune moment. She is so angry because her best friend Lola is sucking cock of her boyfriend. But caring Bonnie knows that having a threesome is the deepest fantasy of her boyfriend. So, she joins them and proceeds to share the boyfriend’s cock with her best friend Lola getting great pleasure from threesome sex.