Small Town Big Energy – Blaire Johnson

It’s time to head back to Florida with the FTV guest photographer, who meets up with lovely busty Bianca at the airport and drives her to her hotel room…she’s wearing a fluffy pink skirt and tight top to show off her amazing cleavage as she hauls her luggage inside, and she ‘answers a phone call’ as an excuse to take some sexy selfies! She spreads her legs on the couch, laying back and pulling her fishnet panties aside to reveal her privates for the camera…and then finds a gift from her sugar daddy on the bed, a literal dick in a box. She slips out of her bra and panties, licking and sucking the toy and then sliding it inside her hole for some penetration fun. Heading into the bathroom she turns on the shower and steps into the water, soaping up and shaving her legs as well as her pubes to get all sleek and smooth before rinsing off. Afterwards she calls up room service and gets put on hold, so she takes advantage of the opportunity to put on some music and have a sensual dance in her new bra and panties. Outside on the pathway to the beach we see her flashing that big bold pair and squatting down to pull her panties aside for a little upskirt peek! It’s a windy cloudy day but she braves the breeze on the beach, slipping out of her clothes and into an animal print bikini…and then scampering around on the beach, flashing and splashing and enjoying the outdoors. Bianca’s a sexy and very busty woman ready to show those assets during her trip to Florida for FTV!