Sun Goes Down – Sata Jones & Fanta Sie

Sexy Sata Jones poses while Fanta Sie takes photos, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie “Sun Goes Down” begins. Santa grows more and more provocative, pulling down her dress to expose her beautiful breasts; Fanta can’t resist caressing them as she tumbles onto the bed beside her girlfriend. They shoot some racy video, pressing their bare breasts together and kissing passionately, before tossing the phone aside so they can focus all their attention on giving each other pleasure. Sata sucks her sweetheart’s nipples, then fingers and licks her pussy skilfully; Fanta attempts to film it but is soon overwhelmed by the intense sensations as she quivers through her orgasm. She reciprocates eagerly, eating Sata’s pussy to drive her wild, then entwining their legs so they can grind together frenetically in scissors. Sata resumes licking Fanta, making her climax again before they relax in each other’s arms to enjoy the ocean view – and their hot home movie.