The Residence Episode 4 – Kira Queen & Betzz

Gorgeous brunette Betzz is having a drink with her girlfriend Lovita Fate on their hotel terrace, but she can’t fight her attraction to voluptuous housekeeper Kira Queen. As episode four of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “The Residence” begins, Betzz follows Kira to the reception desk and sweeps her into a passionate embrace. Kira responds eagerly, pulling up Betzz’s dress and grabbing her sexy ass as they grind together. Hands wandering, they tug at each other’s clothing; Betzz fondles Kira’s beautiful big breasts and Kira sucks her stiff nipples, then kisses a trail down to her pussy, barely covered by kinky panties that have a string of pearls at the crotch. She licks, strokes and rubs sensuously, pressing the pearls between Betzz’s luscious folds to make her moan with arousal, then peels the panties off and eats her to an intense orgasm. Now Kira straddles Betzz’s face to get her share of the oral attention, rocking her hips as she rides to a powerful climax. Flushed and giggling, they kiss through the afterglow of their spontaneous encounter.