The Right Fit For The Job – Gia Paige

Gia has just landed her dream job. Ike couldn’t be more excited for his woman’s achievement, so he wants to reward her with gifts. As she seems a little distracted by her new tasks, tries to help her relax by rubbing her boobs and pulling out his cock for Gia to stroke while looking at her work messages. Time goes by and Gia’s gaze is still fixed on her phone. Worried about her, Ike tries to help her chill by stuffing his cock inside of her mouth and fucking her. The first day arrives and Gia comes home a little bummed. She feels she’s not fit for the job and her self-esteem is low, so Ike tries to cheer her up the only way he knows: with sex! Covering her face with his creamy load will definitely get her mind out of those nasty feelings and help her focus on getting her job done right.