Track Star Gets What She Wants Bruce Venture – Freya Parker

Freya Parker is pissed off! She goes to her coach Bruce Venture’s office to start trashing the place. When Coach Venture finds Freya and asks her what she’s doing, Freya complains that she’s not going to be the team captain.

Freya decides to blow Bruce’s whistle to motivate him. Sinking to her knees, she pops Coach’s hardon out and wraps her lips around the tip. That’s just the start of a blowjob that shows plenty of enthusiasm. Freya’s enthusiastic response grows even louder and breathier when Bruce dives tongue deep into her trimmed coochie.

Settling Freya on her back on his desk, Bruce slams into her. Bruce learns his little runner can go the distance as she gets back on her feet and leans forward to take Coach from behind. Bruce takes a s eat on the desk so Freya can smash him from above. They move to the chair, where Freya goes for a reverse cowgirl ride. When Coach Venture pulls out to nut on Freya’s lovely snatch, he agrees that she can be captain or whatever else she wants.