Unforgettable Moments – Candee Licious & Merida Sat

Gorgeous blondes Candee Licious and Merida Sat are in a passionate embrace up against the wall, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Unforgettable Moments” begins. Candee caresses her lover’s beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples; Merida reciprocates eagerly, making Candee gasp and squirm with arousal. Pushing her girlfriend onto the bed, Candee peels off her black lace panties and strokes her shaved pussy, getting her dripping wet before licking her to a powerful climax. Candee straddles Merida’s face to get her share of the oral attention, grinding until an orgasm sweeps through her quivering body. She dismounts and Merida continues licking and fingering her until she comes again, then moves astride her face and rides to a climax that leaves her breathless as they embrace through the afterglow.