Urbex – Stacy Cruz

Stunning brunette Stacy Cruz has fun in the suburbs with Ricky, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Urbex” – short for “urban exploring” – begins. Ricky films his sweetheart strolling along the road in a thigh-skimming pleated skirt; the daring beauty leads him into a derelict building where she poses playfully, exposing her gorgeous big breasts. Pushing Ricky against the rough wall, Stacy kisses him passionately, guiding his hand to her pussy to feel how excited she is. She takes off her panties and stuffs them in his pocket, then climbs a ladder to the next floor, getting distracted as Ricky takes advantage of the opportunity to start licking her pussy. Upstairs, Stacy frees Ricky’s thick cock from his jeans and kneels to suck it, then turns around and impales herself on it in a standing doggy position. Her breasts jiggle as she slides up and down, riding sensuously, then bends over so Ricky can take control and thrust into her forcefully, driving her to an intense orgasm. Stacy rubs her clit as Ricky fucks her to another climax, then flips onto her back so he can drill her missionary style. Legs up on his shoulders, she enjoys peak after peak of pleasure before Ricky anoints her quivering body with his cum. She mops it up with her panties, discarding them as they rush away, still giggling naughtily.