Venezuelan Caught With Boyfriend – Megan Love

New girl! New CATCHES! and New scene full of MORBO! We can say that today is my lucky day, yes guys! Today I went out again in search of a new girl who wants to try her luck at my “Model Agency” and in the aisles of a department store I found Megan Love. A young Venezuelan with a beautiful face and a divine body! I have offered her money in exchange for a photo session, she has hesitated a lot, to the point that she almost left me because she considered it impossible… but in the end she ends up accepting! So we headed to my studio, and on the way her only concern was how she could take… HER BOYFRIEND from her!!! Because the girl has a partner, and not for 4 days, apparently they have been in a relationship for years and even live together! jojojo I have to admit that it has made me very morbid, I have become more horny… hahahaha I am a fucking twisted person, just like all of you… but let’s not deviate from what is important, because we have arrived home and I have asked him to start taking off his clothes! Watch out for this chick’s little body, because it’s tremendous! She doesn’t have much tits… but her ASS! PIECE OF ASS!!! One of the best I’ve fucked in recent months! Don’t miss the rest of the story… it’s a hell of a lot of sex!!!